Combs, Suffolk, England


Latitude: 52.1696310, Longitude: 0.9874510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Eliza  Abt 1864Combs, Suffolk, England I23508
2 ?, Hannah  Abt 1830Combs, Suffolk, England I19850
3 ?, Jane  Abt 1831Combs, Suffolk, England I5054
4 ?, Jane  Abt 1831Combs, Suffolk, England I23192
5 ARMSTRONG, Mary Ann  Abt 1783Combs, Suffolk, England I4906
6 BANHAM, Thamer  Abt 1841Combs, Suffolk, England I23194
7 BARNARD, Ann  Abt 1807Combs, Suffolk, England I24305
8 BARNARD, Robina Annie  17 Sep 1914Combs, Suffolk, England I22007
9 BARRELL, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1812Combs, Suffolk, England I5354
10 BATTLE, Rosetta Sarah  Abt 16 Jul 1837Combs, Suffolk, England I4260
11 BIRD, George William  1867Combs, Suffolk, England I9154
12 BIRD, Jane  Abt 1852Combs, Suffolk, England I19864
13 BIRD, John  Abt 1808Combs, Suffolk, England I24304
14 BIRD, Margaret  Abt 1849Combs, Suffolk, England I23250
15 BOLTON, Edith A. P.  Abt 1900Combs, Suffolk, England I23469
16 BOLTON, Ethel  Abt 1899Combs, Suffolk, England I23468
17 BONE, Annie Lauri  Abt 1862Combs, Suffolk, England I23450
18 BONE, Beatrice  1874Combs, Suffolk, England I23461
19 BONE, Edgar  Abt 1842Combs, Suffolk, England I23511
20 BONE, Edith  Abt 1877Combs, Suffolk, England I23462
21 BONE, Edwin  Abt 1846Combs, Suffolk, England I23513
22 BONE, Edwin  Abt 1879Combs, Suffolk, England I23463
23 BONE, Frederick  Abt 1835Combs, Suffolk, England I23510
24 BONE, Frederick  Abt 1858Combs, Suffolk, England I23466
25 BONE, George Henry  Abt 1831Combs, Suffolk, England I19849
26 BONE, Hannah  Abt 1857Combs, Suffolk, England I19840
27 BONE, Jane  Abt 1870Combs, Suffolk, England I23506
28 BONE, Louisa  Abt 1854Combs, Suffolk, England I23464
29 BONE, Lucy  Abt 1866Combs, Suffolk, England I23449
30 BONE, Maria  Abt 1844Combs, Suffolk, England I23515
31 BONE, Maria  03 Apr 1861Combs, Suffolk, England I23190
32 BONE, Mary J.  Abt 1855Combs, Suffolk, England I23188
33 BONE, Millicent Lilian  1871Combs, Suffolk, England I19906
34 BONE, Octavius  Abt 1860Combs, Suffolk, England I23467
35 BONE, Rosetta  Abt 1864Combs, Suffolk, England I23460
36 BONE, Ruth  Abt 1864Combs, Suffolk, England I19851
37 BONE, Susan  Abt 1837Combs, Suffolk, England I23514
38 BONE, Susan E.  Abt 1859Combs, Suffolk, England I23189
39 BONE, Sydney George H.  1875Combs, Suffolk, England I21955
40 BONE, Thomas  Abt 1833Combs, Suffolk, England I23459
41 BONE, Thomas  Abt 1856Combs, Suffolk, England I23465
42 BURROWS, Arthur  1885Combs, Suffolk, England I27931
43 BURROWS, Charles William  1878Combs, Suffolk, England I27927
44 BURROWS, Emily  1873Combs, Suffolk, England I27924
45 BURROWS, Fanny  1868Combs, Suffolk, England I27923
46 BURROWS, Grace Ellen  Abt 1884Combs, Suffolk, England I27930
47 BURROWS, Martha  1875Combs, Suffolk, England I27925
48 BURROWS, Samuel  Abt 1845Combs, Suffolk, England I27922
49 BURROWS, Samuel  Abt 1877Combs, Suffolk, England I27926
50 BURROWS, Walter George  Abt Jul 1880Combs, Suffolk, England I27928

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COATES, Susannah  21 Nov 1878Combs, Suffolk, England I5845
2 GARDINER, James  Abt 06 Oct 1878Combs, Suffolk, England I1436
3 SIMPSON, Mary  04 Feb 1838Combs, Suffolk, England I4140
4 SQUIRRELL, George  07 Oct 1853Combs, Suffolk, England I5051
5 SQUIRRELL, Hannah  08 May 1838Combs, Suffolk, England I4316
6 SQUIRRELL, John  22 Jun 1847Combs, Suffolk, England I5364
7 SQUIRRELL, William  25 Dec 1878Combs, Suffolk, England I4451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GARDINER, James  06 Oct 1878Combs, Suffolk, England I1436
2 WOODS, John  02 Mar 1862Combs, Suffolk, England I4907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BONE, Alice  30 Sep 1866Combs, Suffolk, England I23516
2 BONE, Phoebe  23 Aug 1868Combs, Suffolk, England I19867
3 CLOVER, John  24 Dec 1835Combs, Suffolk, England I24618
4 GARDINER, Elizabeth  04 Jun 1843Combs, Suffolk, England I18270
5 GARDINER, Mary  20 Nov 1833Combs, Suffolk, England I18254
6 GRIMWOOD, Hannah  09 Oct 1820Combs, Suffolk, England I18385
7 GRIMWOOD, John  25 Aug 1817Combs, Suffolk, England I18384
8 HARVEY, Jacob  01 Jun 1755Combs, Suffolk, England I15564
9 PIKE, Harriet  03 Jul 1836Combs, Suffolk, England I23458
10 PURR, James  19 Nov 1820Combs, Suffolk, England I27682
11 SMITH, Edmund  26 Aug 1847Combs, Suffolk, England I10903


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GLADWELL, Charlotte  01 Jun 1892Combs, Suffolk, England I18387
2 SMITH, Edmund  13 Oct 1847Combs, Suffolk, England I10903
3 SMITH, Serene  09 Sep 1847Combs, Suffolk, England I10901
4 SQUIRRELL, Mary  26 May 1884Combs, Suffolk, England I1437


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATTLE / GREEN  09 Dec 1836Combs, Suffolk, England F1932
2 BIRD / SCARFF  10 Dec 1833Combs, Suffolk, England F5526
3 CLOVER / PIKE  08 Oct 1833Combs, Suffolk, England F5636
4 GARDINER / PROCTOR  11 Nov 1869Combs, Suffolk, England F5204
5 GRIMWOOD / ADAMS  11 Oct 1771Combs, Suffolk, England F5230
6 PURR / POULE  07 Sep 1818Combs, Suffolk, England F6320
7 SMITH / DENT  05 Dec 1808Combs, Suffolk, England F2835
8 SPINK / MAKENS  24 Jan 1815Combs, Suffolk, England F3206
9 WOODS / ARMSTRONG  14 Jun 1825Combs, Suffolk, England F2260
10 WOODS / BAKER  01 Feb 1797Combs, Suffolk, England F2261