Dean, Bedfordshire, England


Latitude: 52.2973480, Longitude: -0.4657260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Sarah  Abt 1817Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24102
2 LACK, Agnes L.  Abt 1887Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24101
3 LACK, Ellen  19 May 1873Dean, Bedfordshire, England I4652
4 LACK, Frederick W.  Abt 1881Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16897
5 LACK, Isaac  Abt 1839Dean, Bedfordshire, England I12127
6 LACK, James  Abt 1866Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16893
7 LACK, Lucy Ann  Abt 1868Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16894
8 LACK, Martha Margaret  Abt 1879Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16896
9 LACK, Mary A.  Abt 1871Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16895
10 LACK, Thomas  Abt 1816Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16890
11 LAWMAN, Priscilla  Abt 1836Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24044
12 LILLEY, Arthur  Abt 1865Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24047
13 LILLEY, Edward  Abt 1864Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24046
14 LILLEY, Ernest  Abt 1878Dean, Bedfordshire, England I12483
15 LILLEY, John  Abt 1869Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24049
16 LILLEY, Ormond  Abt 1874Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24051
17 LILLEY, Walter  Abt 1867Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24048
18 LILLEY, William  Abt 1870Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24050
19 MEHEW, Lucy Ann  1880Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24052
20 NEWTON, Louisa  Abt 1806Dean, Bedfordshire, England I5009
21 NORTON, George  1609Dean, Bedfordshire, England I14743
22 PACKWOOD, Mary Ann  Abt 1841Dean, Bedfordshire, England I12128
23 PENTELOW, Frederick  21 Jan 1841Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24040
24 PENTELOW, Henry  18 May 1807Dean, Bedfordshire, England I7471
25 PENTELOW, Isobel Fanny  04 Apr 1839Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24039
26 PENTELOW, Susanna  17 Nov 1844Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24016
27 PENTELOW, William  07 Mar 1848Dean, Bedfordshire, England I24017
28 SQUIRRELL, Agnes Adelaide  03 Jul 1876Dean, Bedfordshire, England I4644
29 SQUIRRELL, Agnes Edith  09 Jun 1904Dean, Bedfordshire, England I2877
30 SQUIRRELL, Arthur Frederick  Abt Jun 1910Dean, Bedfordshire, England I2799
31 SQUIRRELL, Elsie Laura  Mar 1891Dean, Bedfordshire, England I3301
32 SQUIRRELL, Henrietta  03 Apr 1875Dean, Bedfordshire, England I3068
33 SQUIRRELL, John Joseph  1864Dean, Bedfordshire, England I308
34 SQUIRRELL, Nathaniel  1839Dean, Bedfordshire, England I22
35 SQUIRRELL, William Childs  Abt 1811Dean, Bedfordshire, England I4640
36 SQUIRRELL, William Samuel  24 Nov 1879Dean, Bedfordshire, England I4646


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SQUIRRELL, Eleanor Susan  20 Dec 1899Dean, Bedfordshire, England I3535


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HODGKINS, Herbert Horace  23 Dec 1886Dean, Bedfordshire, England I15653
2 HODGKINS, Hilda May  09 Jun 1889Dean, Bedfordshire, England I15661
3 HODGKINS, John David Sidney  19 Feb 1882Dean, Bedfordshire, England I15647
4 LACK, John Thomas  01 Nov 1862Dean, Bedfordshire, England I16892
5 SQUIRELL, Herbert John W.  13 Apr 1902Dean, Bedfordshire, England I2919
6 SQUIRRELL, Iva Dora Margaret  11 Aug 1901Dean, Bedfordshire, England I2911
7 SQUIRRELL, Miriam Mabel Childs  01 Jun 1879Dean, Bedfordshire, England I3137


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GATES / SQUIRRELL  18 Oct 1886Dean, Bedfordshire, England F2255
2 HODGKINS / SQUIRRELL  26 Sep 1881Dean, Bedfordshire, England F323
3 LACK / PACKWOOD  24 Dec 1861Dean, Bedfordshire, England F2185
4 NICHOLSON / SQUIRRELL  22 Feb 1898Dean, Bedfordshire, England F1527
5 PENTELOW / BRADLEY  26 Dec 1864Dean, Bedfordshire, England F6116
6 PENTELOW / LEWIS  13 Oct 1868Dean, Bedfordshire, England F6113
7 SQUIRRELL / BROWN  21 May 1888Dean, Bedfordshire, England F347
8 SQUIRRELL / LACK  26 Oct 1892Dean, Bedfordshire, England F433
9 SQUIRRELL / LUMBERS  06 Nov 1890Dean, Bedfordshire, England F663