Hessett, Suffolk, England


Latitude: 52.2202130, Longitude: 0.8332790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Edith  1900Hessett, Suffolk, England I25158
2 AUSTIN, Frank  1878Hessett, Suffolk, England I25157
3 AUSTIN, Harriet  Abt 1825Hessett, Suffolk, England I15393
4 BLAND, Abraham  22 Jan 1832Hessett, Suffolk, England I9011
5 BLAND, Eliza Ann  Bef 01 Aug 1853Hessett, Suffolk, England I9013
6 BLAND, Robert  Jul 1855Hessett, Suffolk, England I9050
7 BLAND, William  25 Oct 1856Hessett, Suffolk, England I9051
8 BULLETT, Elizabeth  1858Hessett, Suffolk, England I4290
9 BULLETT, Emma Maria  Abt 1846Hessett, Suffolk, England I23253
10 BULLETT, George  Abt 1835Hessett, Suffolk, England I9482
11 BULLETT, Henry  Abt 1856Hessett, Suffolk, England I23256
12 BULLETT, Lavinia Mary  Abt 1866Hessett, Suffolk, England I24926
13 BULLETT, Robert  Bef 19 Sep 1834Hessett, Suffolk, England I9481
14 BULLETT, Sarah Ann  Abt 1850Hessett, Suffolk, England I23254
15 BULLETT, Thomas  Abt 1824Hessett, Suffolk, England I14955
16 BULLETT, Thomas  1847Hessett, Suffolk, England I14954
17 BULLETT, Walter  1864Hessett, Suffolk, England I15392
18 BULLETT, William  1853Hessett, Suffolk, England I23255
19 CATCHPOLE, William  Abt 1861Hessett, Suffolk, England I24932
20 FROST, Susannah  Abt 1826Hessett, Suffolk, England I14961
21 FROST, William  Abt 1803Hessett, Suffolk, England I23252
22 MOORE, Emma  Abt 1835Hessett, Suffolk, England I25286
23 NICE, Alfred  1846Hessett, Suffolk, England I17570
24 NUNN, George  Abt 1873Hessett, Suffolk, England I12458
25 PRESLAND, Alice  Abt 1861Hessett, Suffolk, England I25287
26 SEADON, Elizabeth  Abt 1849Hessett, Suffolk, England I14956
27 SQUIRRELL, Beatrice Eva  20 Sep 1885Hessett, Suffolk, England I3261
28 SQUIRRELL, Dorothy Kathleen  1897Hessett, Suffolk, England I3522
29 SQUIRRELL, Edith Eliza  29 May 1876Hessett, Suffolk, England I3086
30 SQUIRRELL, Elizabeth Kate  05 Mar 1878Hessett, Suffolk, England I3114
31 SQUIRRELL, Ellen Keturah  21 Sep 1873Hessett, Suffolk, England I3039
32 SQUIRRELL, Flora May  06 Jan 1890Hessett, Suffolk, England I3267
33 SQUIRRELL, Frederick  25 Nov 1898Hessett, Suffolk, England I3552
34 SQUIRRELL, Harry Thomas Victor  16 Aug 1887Hessett, Suffolk, England I3353
35 SQUIRRELL, John  25 Nov 1898Hessett, Suffolk, England I3555
36 SQUIRRELL, John Hubert  19 Oct 1891Hessett, Suffolk, England I3317
37 SQUIRRELL, Joseph Cooper  11 Feb 1875Hessett, Suffolk, England I3065
38 SQUIRRELL, Lily Alice  23 Jan 1880Hessett, Suffolk, England I3144
39 SQUIRRELL, Minnie Anna May  13 Aug 1869Hessett, Suffolk, England I390
40 SQUIRRELL, Philip Gosling  13 Jun 1871Hessett, Suffolk, England I425
41 SQUIRRELL, Sidney John  01 Jan 1883Hessett, Suffolk, England I3210
42 SYMONDS, Alice Ann  Abt 1835Hessett, Suffolk, England I25347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAND, Robert  Bef 27 Apr 1856Hessett, Suffolk, England I9050
2 BULLETT, Robert  Bef 19 Sep 1836Hessett, Suffolk, England I9481
3 COOPER, Joseph  30 Jul 1875Hessett, Suffolk, England I4470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BLAND, Robert  27 Apr 1856Hessett, Suffolk, England I9050
2 BULLETT, Robert  19 Sep 1836Hessett, Suffolk, England I9481
3 KNIGHTS, Daisy  1971Hessett, Suffolk, England I1233
4 SQUIRRELL, William George  1982Hessett, Suffolk, England I1232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BULLETT, Maria  06 Nov 1825Hessett, Suffolk, England I9771


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLAND / BULLETT  23 Oct 1852Hessett, Suffolk, England F3401
2 FROST / CLOVER  26 Jan 1826Hessett, Suffolk, England F4580
3 NICE / MOTHERSOLE  14 Dec 1827Hessett, Suffolk, England F6282