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Rattlesden, Suffolk, England



CHURCHES: England, Suffolk, Rattlesden, Parish Church of St. Nicholas
CHURCHES: England, Suffolk, Rattlesden, Parish Church of St. Nicholas


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Ann  Abt 1824Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23470
2 ABBOTT, Elizabeth  Abt 1782Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30059
3 ALLINGTON, George  Abt 1809Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I1150
4 ALLINGTON, George Robert  Abt 1863Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I13147
5 BAKER, Lucy M. M.  1893Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I22416
6 BAKER, Mehetabel  Abt 1899Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I22417
7 BOGGIS, Emma  Abt 1845Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I12643
8 BOGGIS, George  Abt 1833Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I12641
9 BOGGIS, Jane  Abt 1836Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I12642
10 BOGGIS, Mary Ann  Abt 1831Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I12640
11 BRAGG, Ada  Abt 1874Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I13605
12 BRAGG, Daniel  Abt 1847Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I11221
13 BRAGG, Daniel  Abt 1880Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I13614
14 BRAGG, Emma  Abt 1839Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23445
15 BRAGG, George  Abt 1842Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23435
16 BRAGG, George  Abt 1881Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23196
17 BRAGG, Jane  Abt 1872Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I13604
18 BRAGG, John  Abt 1802Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23433
19 BRAGG, John  Abt 1877Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I13613
20 BRAGG, Kate  Abt 1886Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23198
21 BRAGG, Mary A.  Abt 1883Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23197
22 BRAGG, Minnie  Abt 1896Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23199
23 BRAGG, Richard  Abt 1845Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23436
24 BRAGG, William  Abt 1870Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I13603
25 BYE, Robert  Abt 1855Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I15610
26 CHURCHYARD, Alice  Abt 1855Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I27471
27 CHURCHYARD, Ruth  Abt 1863Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I28502
28 CLOVER, Elizabeth  Abt 1803Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I24927
29 CLOVER, George Arthur  1872Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I12938
30 CLOVER, Gertrude Mary  1867Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I10499
31 CLOVER, Harry P.  1878Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I10531
32 CLOVER, Jemima Jessie  1876Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I10529
33 CLOVER, John Percy  1871Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I10500
34 CLOVER, Martha Adeline  1865Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I10497
35 CLOVER, Sarah Ellen  1863Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I10495
36 COBBOLD, Albert  Abt 1868Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I25806
37 COBBOLD, Amos  1872Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I25810
38 COBBOLD, Charlotte  Abt 1844Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I6366
39 COBBOLD, Eliza  Abt 1812Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30063
40 COBBOLD, James  Abt 1788Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30422
41 COBBOLD, John  Abt 1839Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5494
42 COBBOLD, Lydia Jane  Abt 1869Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I25805
43 COBBOLD, Mary Ann  Abt 1859Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I27582
44 COBBOLD, Robert John  Abt 20 Mar 1871Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I25807
45 COBBOLD, Rosetta  1846Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30434
46 COBBOLD, Sarah  1843Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30433
47 COBBOLD, Susan  Abt 1842Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I25787
48 COBBOLD, Susannah  Abt 1851Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I20821
49 COBBOLD, William  Abt 1803Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5546
50 COBBOLD, William  Abt 1831Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30431

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CORNISH, Louisa  13 May 1868Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I4439
2 ELMER, William  01 May 1899Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5439
3 FILEWOOD, Andrew  13 Feb 1983Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I23206
4 SQUIRRELL, Eliza  Between 06 Aug 1839 and 13 Aug 1839Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5162
5 SQUIRRELL, Robert  24 May 1875Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I4455
6 SQUIRRELL, Sarah  31 Mar 1894Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COBBOLD, Ellen  23 Apr 1835Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30435
2 COBBOLD, William  29 Sep 1856Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5546
3 DOW, Eleanor  08 Mar 1881Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COBBOLD, Ellen  05 Nov 1834Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30435
2 COBBOLD, Ellen  23 Jan 1837Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5545
3 COBBOLD, Laura Maria  27 Oct 1872Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I20822
4 MAJOR, William  17 Jan 1819Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I17342
5 MAYS, Ellen  08 Dec 1839Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I32717
6 PEARL, Edmund  30 Mar 1739Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30299
7 PEARL, Edmund  30 Mar 1739Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I30297
8 PURR, John  20 Sep 1778Rattlesden, Suffolk, England I5327


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COBBOLD / DOW  01 Nov 1828Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F2511
2 COOPER / CHINERY  27 Mar 1827Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F7047
3 ENNALS / HUNT  12 Jul 1827Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F5771
4 FILEWOOD / ELMER  03 Dec 1888Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F3731
5 FISHER / WATERMAN  12 Apr 1827Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F4041
6 RICHER / STIFF  30 Oct 1798Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F1313
7 VINCENT / COBBOLD  30 Oct 1874Rattlesden, Suffolk, England F2669