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Stowmarket, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Elizabeth  Abt 1857Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I18117
2 BAKER, Albert John  1888Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I14573
3 BAKER, Bertie  1895Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I14579
4 BAKER, Cyril  Abt 1900Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I21850
5 BAKER, Edith Ellen  1885Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I14571
6 BAKER, Florence Emma  Abt 1878Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I33418
7 BAKER, Frank  1891Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I14576
8 BAKER, Frederick William  1879Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I10883
9 BAKER, May Theresa  Abt 1882Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I14410
10 BAKER, Sarah Ann  Abt 1858Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I19327
11 BAKER, Stanley  1893Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I14578
12 BANHAM, Sarah  04 Oct 1848Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16562
13 BARNARD, Ann  Abt 1849Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I18984
14 BARNARD, Catherine Mary  04 Nov 1874Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16715
15 BARNARD, Charles Benjamin  Abt 1856Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I28221
16 BARNARD, Charles Edward  12 Feb 1884Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I20355
17 BARNARD, Daniel  Abt 1798Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I4940
18 BARNARD, Edith Ellen  Abt 1878Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16566
19 BARNARD, Frederick  Abt 1878Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I28222
20 BARNARD, George Frederick  02 Sep 1887Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16576
21 BARNARD, Mary Ann  Abt 1823Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I17596
22 BLOOMFIELD, Caroline  Abt 1847Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16560
23 BRADLEY, Anna Margaret  Abt Feb 1881Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12865
24 BRADLEY, Catherine Elizabeth  1889Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12867
25 BRADLEY, Eveline Gladys  Dec 1903Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12813
26 BRADLEY, Janet May  Jun 1902Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12807
27 BRADLEY, Kathleen Clarice  24 Mar 1905Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12816
28 BRADLEY, Matilda Mary  1886Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12868
29 BRADLEY, Walter Frederick  1883Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12866
30 BRAME, Alice Elsie  1894Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24547
31 BRAME, Gertrude Florence  1892Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24546
32 BRAME, Lily Annie L.  25 Apr 1890Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24545
33 BUCKLE, Frederick John Keable  Abt 1889Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I18458
34 BURGESS, Susannah Mary  Abt 1858Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I18193
35 BURMAN, Maria  Abt 1828Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I4331
36 BURROWS, Doris Maud  1900Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I27933
37 CASE, Dorothy Ellen L.  Abt 1898Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I26255
38 CASE, Edmund William G.  1894Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I26254
39 CASE, John Revill  Abt Nov 1900Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I26256
40 CATCHPOLE, George Henry  Abt 1896Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16945
41 CATCHPOLE, Violet Victoria  Mar 1901Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16946
42 CHAPLIN, Edward  Abt 1847Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24314
43 CHAPLIN, John  Abt 1850Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24315
44 CHAPLIN, Maria  Abt 1852Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24316
45 CHENERY, Alice  Abt 1866Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I23479
46 CHENERY, Enoch  Abt 1865Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I23480
47 COBB, Zillah May  1905Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I31830
48 COOPER, Edith Mary  Abt Feb 1881Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I21999
49 COOPER, John Ebenezer  Abt 1880Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I21998
50 COTTON, Annie Matilda  1870Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I23979

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANHAM, Sarah  11 Feb 1930Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16562
2 BARNARD, Catherine Mary  30 Oct 1906Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16715
3 BARNARD, Edith Ellen  17 Apr 1978Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16566
4 BULL, Albert William  18 Apr 1912Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I13266
5 ELLIS, Percy Thomas  23 Mar 1991Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I21250
6 KNOCK, Eunice  02 Dec 1885Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16440
7 PARROTT, Vera Madeline  02 Mar 1988Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I1309
8 PIZZY, Margery Agnes  11 Feb 2002Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16570
9 PIZZY, Margery Agnes  11 Feb 2002Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I17812
10 PURR, Mary Jane  18 Apr 1953Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I27788
11 REYNOLDS, Bertram George  15 Sep 1940Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16565
12 REYNOLDS, Ellen Elizabeth  Feb 1857Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16584
13 REYNOLDS, Ellen Eunice  May 1860Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16585
14 REYNOLDS, Gertrude Unice  07 Feb 1976Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16575
15 REYNOLDS, John  Dec 1868Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16441
16 SQUIRRELL, Elizabeth  06 Feb 1846Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I5284
17 SQUIRRELL, Margaret Kate  07 Dec 1986Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I1366
18 STOCKINGS, Violet Elizabeth  02 Jan 2008Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I2337


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 PURR, Ann Maria  25 Jul 1807Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I25238
2 PURR, John Watts  13 Nov 1804Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I25413
3 PURR, Robert  08 Sep 1803Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I25414
4 PURR, William Watts  16 Oct 1809Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I5326
5 WILDEN, Robert Howard  21 Aug 1850Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I24291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bir/Bap?    Person ID 
1 BIRD, Ebenezer  30 May 1788Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I12629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SEWELL, Catherine  Oct 1899Stowmarket, Suffolk, England I16488


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNARD / REYNOLDS  24 Sep 1913Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F4861
2 BRADLEY / FELTHAM  09 Sep 1873Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F4008
3 BUCKLE / RUDDOCK  24 Apr 1923Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F3335
4 ELLIS / BARNARD  08 Jun 1940Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F5725
5 GARROD / FRANCIS  02 Aug 1941Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F5460
6 REYNOLDS / PIZZY  11 Aug 1931Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F4860
7 REYNOLDS / PIZZY  11 Aug 1931Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F5078
8 ROBINSON / HEARN  26 Dec 1827Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F3939
9 SALMON / PURR  03 Apr 1893Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F6656
10 SPARROW / HUNNIBALL  20 Dec 1829Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F2317
11 SQUIRRELL / NEWTON  04 Jul 1845Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F127
12 STOW / SUTTON  22 Aug 1879Stowmarket, Suffolk, England F6371