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Bricett, Suffolk, England


Latitude: 52.1167806, Longitude: 0.9774513


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Alice Sophia  1871Bricett, Suffolk, England I4282
2 BRAMFORD, Ellen  Abt 1859Bricett, Suffolk, England I6105
3 CLARK, Abner John  Abt 1842Bricett, Suffolk, England I28532
4 CLARK, Harry C.  1866Bricett, Suffolk, England I28533
5 CLARK, Violet Valentina  Abt 1883Bricett, Suffolk, England I28542
6 DISNEY, Maria  Abt 1827Bricett, Suffolk, England I28131
7 EASTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1853Bricett, Suffolk, England I33446
8 EASTER, Robert  1860Bricett, Suffolk, England I33448
9 EASTER, Samuel  Abt 1863Bricett, Suffolk, England I33449
10 EASTER, Sarah  1866Bricett, Suffolk, England I33450
11 EASTER, William  Abt 1856Bricett, Suffolk, England I33447
12 EASTWICK, Samuel  Abt 1827Bricett, Suffolk, England I12606
13 ELMER, Charlotte  Abt 1814Bricett, Suffolk, England I357
14 FAIERS, Samuel  Abt 1780Bricett, Suffolk, England I31551
15 FAYERS, Edward Henry  1889Bricett, Suffolk, England I19209
16 FAYERS, George E.  Abt 1858Bricett, Suffolk, England I19205
17 FAYERS, George James  1896Bricett, Suffolk, England I19208
18 FAYERS, Linda Martha  1893Bricett, Suffolk, England I19207
19 GLADWELL, Caroline Maria  Abt 1868Bricett, Suffolk, England I27070
20 GLADWELL, Florence May Susannah  1871Bricett, Suffolk, England I18357
21 HOLDER, Frederick  Abt 1864Bricett, Suffolk, England I27947
22 HOWE, Charles  Abt Jul 1860Bricett, Suffolk, England I32434
23 HOWE, James  Abt 1856Bricett, Suffolk, England I32432
24 HOWE, Robert  Abt 1858Bricett, Suffolk, England I32433
25 LONDON, Sarah  Abt 1860Bricett, Suffolk, England I25939
26 MARTAL, Ann Maria  Abt 1788Bricett, Suffolk, England I4444
27 MARTAL, Jane  Abt 1778Bricett, Suffolk, England I4441
28 MINNS, Frederick Clarence  Abt 1872Bricett, Suffolk, England I10665
29 PALMER, Amos  Abt 1833Bricett, Suffolk, England I27101
30 PRENTICE, Lucy  Abt 1834Bricett, Suffolk, England I32431
31 PRYKE, Ernest  Abt 1890Bricett, Suffolk, England I22375
32 PRYKE, Mary  Abt 1824Bricett, Suffolk, England I32435
33 PUNGE, Diana  Abt 1807Bricett, Suffolk, England I4360
34 SAYERS, George  1862Bricett, Suffolk, England I10831
35 SPARROW, George  Abt 1831Bricett, Suffolk, England I23191
36 STURGEON, Mary  Abt 1834Bricett, Suffolk, England I14910
37 THORPE, Harry William  Abt 1863Bricett, Suffolk, England I28078
38 WRIGHT, Sarah  Abt 1854Bricett, Suffolk, England I27966


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HUGHES, Sarah  10 Jun 1827Bricett, Suffolk, England I18164