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Ringshall, Suffolk, England



CHURCHES: England, Suffolk, Ringshall, Parish Church of St. Catherine
CHURCHES: England, Suffolk, Ringshall, Parish Church of St. Catherine


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BATTLE, Angelina  Abt 1844Ringshall, Suffolk, England I26747
2 BATTLE, Frederick  Abt 1842Ringshall, Suffolk, England I26749
3 BATTLE, Robert  Abt 1840Ringshall, Suffolk, England I26748
4 BEAUMONT, Abraham  Abt 1829Ringshall, Suffolk, England I5232
5 BEAUMONT, Abraham W.  Abt 1879Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28577
6 BEAUMONT, Eliza  1864Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28581
7 BEAUMONT, Emma  Abt 1861Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28580
8 BEAUMONT, Isaac  1856Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28573
9 BEAUMONT, James  1852Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28571
10 BEAUMONT, John  Abt 1829Ringshall, Suffolk, England I32428
11 BEAUMONT, John  1859Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28574
12 BEAUMONT, Louisa  Abt 1868Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28575
13 BEAUMONT, Maria  Abt 1870Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28121
14 BIRD, Naomi  Abt 1844Ringshall, Suffolk, England I12634
15 BIRD, Sarah  Abt 1846Ringshall, Suffolk, England I4384
16 BOLTON, Philip  Abt 1853Ringshall, Suffolk, England I21939
17 BOLTON, Sophia  Abt 1874Ringshall, Suffolk, England I27840
18 CHAPLIN, Elizabeth  Abt 1814Ringshall, Suffolk, England I32707
19 COOPER, Violet Marjorie  1905Ringshall, Suffolk, England I31832
20 DEAVES, David  Abt 1878Ringshall, Suffolk, England I27894
21 DICKERSON, Deborah  Abt 1847Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28558
22 DICKERSON, Robert  07 Feb 1825Ringshall, Suffolk, England I12936
23 DURRANT, Joseph Rouse  1846Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28030
24 DURRANT, Thomas  Abt 1822Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28067
25 ELMER, Susannah  Abt 1808Ringshall, Suffolk, England I17901
26 FOX, George  22 Jul 1861Ringshall, Suffolk, England I9093
27 FOX, Jane  02 Mar 1865Ringshall, Suffolk, England I9095
28 FOX, Robert  08 Apr 1831Ringshall, Suffolk, England I9082
29 FOX, Robert  Abt 1863Ringshall, Suffolk, England I9485
30 FRANCIS, Robert  Abt 1851Ringshall, Suffolk, England I32425
31 FRANCIS, Susan  Abt 1855Ringshall, Suffolk, England I32426
32 GARNER, Alice  Abt 1872Ringshall, Suffolk, England I27835
33 GARNER, Robert  Abt 1848Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28098
34 GARNER, Susanna  1871Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28099
35 GARROD, George  Abt 1820Ringshall, Suffolk, England I32430
36 GIBBONS, Ada Mary  1871Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28124
37 GIBBONS, Basil George  1898Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28129
38 GIBBONS, Bertie Robert  1889Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28096
39 GIBBONS, Bessie Ellen  Abt 1887Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28095
40 GIBBONS, Herbert Benjamin  1891Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28097
41 GIBBONS, Jack Durrant  Abt Aug 1900Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28130
42 GIBBONS, John Frederick  1879Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28091
43 GIBBONS, Joseph Edward  1873Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28088
44 GIBBONS, Kate Mary A.  Abt 1875Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28089
45 GIBBONS, Lavinia Mary  1892Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28127
46 GIBBONS, Lawrence James  1883Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28093
47 GIBBONS, Mabel Gertrude  Abt 1885Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28094
48 GIBBONS, Oliver Arthur  1881Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28092
49 GIBBONS, Thomas Henry  1869Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28087
50 GIBBONS, Thomas Willie  1896Ringshall, Suffolk, England I28128

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GRIMWOOD, John  22 Jun 1816Ringshall, Suffolk, England I18379
2 HITCHCOCK, John  10 Feb 1800Ringshall, Suffolk, England I7590
3 KNOCK, Eliza  1865Ringshall, Suffolk, England I9086
4 LAFLIN, Jonathan  1784Ringshall, Suffolk, England I7666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HAXELL, James  24 Jul 1783Ringshall, Suffolk, England I21838
2 KNOCK, Eliza  1865Ringshall, Suffolk, England I9086
3 MORPHEW, James  06 May 1901Ringshall, Suffolk, England I11589
4 MORPHEW, Louise Mary  04 Aug 1877Ringshall, Suffolk, England I20738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HAXELL, James  Between 1755 and 1758Ringshall, Suffolk, England I21838
2 LAFLIN, Benjamin  1801Ringshall, Suffolk, England I7670
3 SQUIRRELL, Elizabeth  07 May 1784Ringshall, Suffolk, England I5294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Mary  07 Apr 1822Ringshall, Suffolk, England I18380
2 GRIMWOOD, George  1965Ringshall, Suffolk, England I18391


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEAUMONT / LAFLIN  07 Dec 1877Ringshall, Suffolk, England F6804
2 BIRD / BIRD  12 Oct 1815Ringshall, Suffolk, England F2383
3 FAIRS / BEAUMONT  08 Aug 1819Ringshall, Suffolk, England F7272
4 GARNER / FOX  1848Ringshall, Suffolk, England F3422
5 LAFLIN / GOSLIN  1821Ringshall, Suffolk, England F3169
6 WILDING / GRIMWOOD  19 Oct 1889Ringshall, Suffolk, England F3834