We remind you that the information on this site is copyright and provided for personal, not-for-profit use only. Our trees are given letter designations assigned solely to identify the different branches in our files and have no other meaning. Against the name of the person currently heading that tree will be a link to a PDF document. Opening the document will show the complete tree. If anyone experiences any website technical difficulties please contact the Webmaster. We ask that you only contact Dr. David SQUIRRELL for family history enquiries or information.


  • People marked with an * at the beginning of the name instead of a letter are as yet unconnected to any tree. In some instances a calculated guess can be made but we require more evidence. Those marked with a letter and asterisk e.g. F* show that they are connected and possibly descended from the letter tree and also from an as yet unlabelled tree.

  • Born and Died dates can alternatively be baptism and burial depending upon period. Where each is known birth and death dates take precendence.

  • All the information is subject to review, especially the earlier generations, where sources to corroborate are much less easy to come by, and interpretation has to be made.

  • The information has been gathered over a long period and our 'rules' for adding to the data have evolved. As well as SQUIRRELLs and variant surnames, in-laws and cousins have been added in some instances, as well as other families that are married into SQUIRRELLs several times over or who are possibly even SQUIRRELL descendants themselves but not proven at present.

  • Data has been collected from many sources and other researchers. Not all has been checked, though most of the SQUIRRELL information is borne from first-hand research and original sources.

  • Names can undergo many spelling changes, especially in early records but only one variant is shown here, therefore a surname may change several times throughout a tree and no great significance should be attached to such instances. Some variants are fairly consistent though, as with the SQUIRL family, for example.

  • Connections between some lines, whilst probable, have not been made until further evidence is obtained.

  • No names or details for living people are given on this site. Though every care is taken regards its accuracy no responsibility is taken for errors or omissions.