This is the website of the SQUIRRELL RESEARCH GROUP (SRG) which comprises in alphabetical order, Norman MOYLE (USA), Ben SEWARD (UK), Dr. David SQUIRRELL (Australia), John SQUIRRELL (UK) and Martin YORK (UK), with assistance from our Scottish family history specialist, Jared SQUIRRELL (UK). We are amateur family historians and pursue the hobby on a strictly non-profit making basis.


The SRG is a continuing family history project. Our research has been undertaken over a period of more than thirty years and is ongoing, and now includes SQUIRRELL descendants of any surname. It features SQUIRRELLs (and variant surnames) originating in the British Isles and their descendants. For this reason it does not include North American Indians and African American folk bearing the name. Any submissions regarding SQUIRRELLs or descendants are most welcome and gratefully received, information on living people treated with strict confidentiality. Data is being continually added and reappraised and the site will be updated periodically. Currently we have over 33,000 names on our main database and an auxilliary database comprising of 250,000 people with SQUIRRELL links. We have transcripts of all UK SQUIRRELL birth, marriage and death registration indexes, plus records from parish registers, all genealogical detail from UK SQUIRRELL wills and administrations (not just the will calendars) 1858-1993 and many other sources.

We are very keen to assist and exchange information with anyone interested in any of the linked families in the publicly accessible index. Please contact David for more information.


Jane Dinah SQUIRRELL 1839-1891 and her husband, Anson John TOWELL 1836-1878